Americana Shopper III® offers the most comprehensive travel and vacation discount program of any membership club in the country. 


  • You will receive one 3 Day & 2 Night Vacation good for each year you are a member. There is a huge variety of locations across the United States, Mexico and Canada to choose from.
  • You will receive one 8 Day & 7 Night Condominium Vacation at your choice of luxurious and spacious locations across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, Exotic Islands and more.

Airline Tickets

You have been awarded privileged membership status with our exclusive travel agency and can receive the deepest discounts airlines have to offer.  Our team of seasoned agents can assist you will all of your airline ticket needs. Their top priority will always be your schedule and your budget

How Does It Work?

  • Simply call our Travel Agency at the toll free number in your membership package.
  • Provide our agent with your travel dates and destination.
  • You will receive an immediate quote on the fare and can purchase right then.

Your Travel Agent can assist you and your family with Tour Packages and cruise planning!

Hotels & Motels

As an Americana Shopper III® member, you will receive an exclusive membership in Preferred Travelers Edge - America's premiere travel agency and savings club.

How Does It Work?

  • All participating properies are listed in our online directory. Your identification code and step by step instructions are located in your membership package. 
  • Simply identify the city you want to stay in.  Choose the hotel that best suits your needs.  Call the toll free number or make reservations online.
  • Receive up to 50% off standard rates or the best discounted rates for that date.

Car Rental

Renting a car at a discount is as easy as making a reservation!

How Does It Work?

  • Simply chose 1 of the 4 Car Rental Agencies available through your Personal Travel Network. 
  • Call the provided toll-free number and identify yourself with your ASV member number. 
  • Your discount will be provided upon your reservation of the vehicle.