If you’ve ever needed legal advice or representation, you know the fees can become quite costly. Americana Shopper III® recognizes that everybody deserves professional legal assistance and has negotiated a program for you and your family that will never prohibit you from obtaining sound legal help.

How Does It Work?

  • You will receive deep discounts on Traffic Ticket Defense, Simple Divorces, Bankruptcy, etc… 
  • Simply call our toll-free legal hotline and identify yourself with your private membership code and tell our agent the nature of your needs.
  • You will be referred to a Lawyer who best fits your immediate needs.
You will receive 8 Legal Services
Unlimited phone consultations for each new legal matter
Face to face consultations for each new legal matter
Review of important legal documents
A free simple will with free annual update
Help representing you in small claims court
Letter writing on the member’s behalf
Phone Calls on members behalf
Assistance in solving problems with government programs such as USCIS and welfare.